Transcending Prejudice

Status: Online.
     v1.0 completion - 1.12.04

A template design I made per request for one of my friend's blogs.
Since we were very both pro-homosexual rights and equality, she wanted something centered around that, but something more real life, not anime yaoi. She gave me the basic specs she wanted for it, as well as the title and the sub-heading blurb, and I went to town with it. The blog itself isn't used anymore so the design is just sort of sitting there unused for the time being though.

When I say that she gave me the basic specs, it was more of a tangled, confusing, and very ambiguous mess left for me to interpret on my own. Her words were that she wanted something "elegant, but funky, not crazy, but cool." *Blink blink* "Riiiiight. . ." So it took a couple rough designs to pinpoint what she was actually looking for. She did specify though that she wanted a green and silver color scheme, so I went with that; the foreground and background images were two taken from an archive of pictures I'd collected over time that she really liked. The three circles on the bottom left corner are rollover image links that lead to her archives, links, and comment box. I thought it turned out snazzy.

Tables and iframes here, some javascript code for the rollover links, and of course CSS for formatting. Oh, and Blogger tags. . . Those stupid, annoying Blogger tags. . . (This also marked the last blog template I was able to make before Blogger stupidly disabled their ability for separate archive pages, too. *Rage*)