Scar: the True Lion King

Status: Online; no longer maintained.
     v1.0 completion - 12.2.98
     v2.0 completion - 4.11.00

My first website ever, a shrine to my most faboo character of all time, Scar from Disney's "The Lion King." As far as I know, it is still to date the largest online collection of strictly Scar-related material. It's a little surprising that Disney never ground my ass into the dirt
and shut me down for copyright infringement. Back way before the Beans Et Cetera domain, StTLK was hosted on, and that was only after the atrocious experience using the craptacular Geocities accounts I had it hosted on originally, four of them -- with Geocities providing only 25 megabytes of space and the site requiring something like ten times more than that, I had to split the site's content into four separate accounts and link them all together which became overly messy. I updated religiously for almost three years at which point I finally stepped back from the project, its final revision on April 23rd of 2001. These days the fandom is still probably never really sure where and why I disappeared off the face of the earth all of a sudden, but I do believe in some places on the net I've been declared legally dead.

This site went through two layouts. The first version can be easily described in its three major attributes: tacky tiled background, big overbearing buttons, and annoying midi-clip with no way to stop it.

Minus ten points!

In its second year I experienced an epiphany and finally realized how ugly it was, so I redesigned it, thought things were good, and went on about my life. However, that was back in the booney days when I was still stupid and used Netscape Navigator instead of Internet Explorer.

Minus another ten points!

Then the internet world beat me with sticks and forced me to finally revamp it for IE, however, despite my efforts there are still things I never got around to fixing like the frame and table borders -- so right now it's sitting with certain aspects that work better in IE, and other aspects that work better in Navigator. Simplicity at its best, and the focus being the content and not a fancy layout; the site was created entirely in run-of-the-mill frames, with some image mapping and a borrowed piece of javascript for the random quote generator. To make some sort of stride for individuality, I experimented with Adobe Premiere and made a short movie with cut-and-paste screengrabs and a good piece of accompanying music as an intro to the main page.

*Draws a little squealing chibi with a thumbs up and hugging a purring Scar plushy*