Slap Slap Slap

Status: Online; updated speriodically.
     v1.0 completion - 7.26.02
     v2.0 completion - 10.14.02

A comprehensive fan work archive devoted to my all time favorite anime character, Dilandau Albatou from "Vision of Escaflowne", containing art, fiction, doujinshi, skins, wallpapers, and all other manners of fan-produced work. Slap Slap Slap was basically my shameless excuse to gather any and all pretty Dilandau fanwork I could find and put it all up in one convenient spot for my personal enjoyment, as well as a place to post my own art and writing. It remained my daily project, maintenance and regular-revision-wise, until late 2003 when I got tired of trying to find more content to help it grow, so now I only update after the submissions begin to pile up my inbox. It was irritating emailing out requests to bloody fan artists and authors and never getting a reply back. (I'm a bitter bugger.)

Version 1.0:
In the early stages of design for version 1.0 I had a completely different layout idea, but then as all things eventually do,
it all went to hell in a handbag for reasons unknown. It was too dark and there was simply too much dead space to fill up without it becoming eye straining. Coding the first version spawned a whole new nasty load of HTML issues and some big bugs that I couldn't work out properly, so as with many ambitious but failed attempts, I trashed the whole thing and began on the new version 2.0.

Version 2.0:
The red, black, and silver color scheme was carried over to
the beta version, but I fooled around with them a bit more to give interest to dead space and make the overall design more eye pleasing. It was built in tables and an iframe; a DHTML scroll code was used to replace ugly scrollbars, and more javascript rollovers for the menu bar. This was also my first successful attempt utilizing those cascading style sheets that I somehow managed to remain oblivious to until that year. I was so thrilled that I would never again have to spend an hour just to change the text font.