Sharp as Sin

Status: Online.
     v1.0 completion - 9.28.04

I convinced one of my LiveJournal-complexed friends to go over to the light side and switch to Blogger and he was all like, "Ooh!
Make me a cool blog layout!" and proceeded to solicit my help by promising to pay me in chocolate afterwards. He gave me the images, he gave me the title, all I really did was cut out some spaces where he could write, cut it all up, then pieced it back together.

Something I have to own up about, however -- I really didn't design much of anything on this one so I can't take much credit for it. All the images used on this template were taken from this Samurai Champloo wallpaper my friend wanted to use from this site -- I just jazzed it up a bit and filled up all the dead space. It's overly large for the shrimpy 14" monitor, but he wanted it to fill the entire space of his own monitor like all PC users seem to prefer doing, which is some crazy logic beyond all us Mac users that we simply can't understand.


A bunch of tables and iframes used here. Originally we had some very cool ideas about how we were going to post the archive links but that went to hell in a hand basket when Blogger made the stupidest decision ever and decided to disable the ability to have separate archive pages. *Bitterness* We also had plans to make the hexagons along the top into outside links, but for some reason I don't remember now we abandoned that idea too. He was happy with the end result though, so I guess I did my job. (And I received chocolate for my services, so in the end everything was good in the world.)