Snow Bunnies and Peach Blossoms

Status: Discontinued.
     v1.0 completion - 3.27.02

Another shrine to the beloved yaoi couple from "Cardcaptor Sakura," Touya and Yukito. The title, Snow Bunnies and Peach Blossoms is derived from the English translations of their Japanese names;
"Yukito" meaning "snow bunny," and "Touya" meaning "peach blossom" (besides, I had a cute bunny all drawn out and nothing to do with him.) Content was to include character information, images, fan work, media, links, and anything else I could lay my hands on. I was hoping to pull another StTLK and become top-dog by eventually making this the most extensive site available for these characters, but due to laziness the site got as far as coding the layout and was never picked up again.

I've always enjoyed this one's design, considering it began as nothing more than fooling around with the line tool in Photoshop when I was bored. I adore the colors. I'd been in a perpetual black and red period before this, so making something in such a nice green was a change for the eyes, although I probably should have added some sort of accenting color. I had to rebuild the entire left side of Touya's shoulder that was conveniently not included in the original image, and that wasn't fun.

Built in tables, and one of my first experiences using iframes. Some javascript snippets were used for rollover in the bottom left corner, and since Macintosh computers weren't -- and still aren't -- able to view colored CSS scrollbars, I found some DHTML scripts for the window scrolling. Have a look-see at the uncompleted HTML version here.