Prints Galore

Status: Online.
     v1.0 completion - 10.25.03

The parents of a friend of mine were looking to revamp the
website for a store they own, Prints Galore, which is a frameshop and gallery. They asked if I would be interested to help their daughter make up something new, and in return as payment, they paid for the round-trip airplane tickets for a Europe tour which her and I went on together later that year.

Definitely a new look compared to my usual layouts; when I first began tinkering with ideas it had a radically different design, but my friend said that her parents were looking for something more elegant, so we collaborated and brain stormed and tinkered over and over until it finally evolved into something more to her liking. A frog wearing a crown was their business logo, but before this it had always been a drawn cartoon. I didn't particularly enjoy the idea of slapping a vector art doodle on the new site where it would have been distracting, so I practically flipped out with joy when by complete coincidence we ended up finding a real life photo of exactly what we needed.

Built completely in your regular, old-school frames -- a lot of work compared to using iframes, but Netscape isn't very compatible with them and we needed it to be able to be viewed in older browsers. I tried something new with the navigation, since they wanted the aspect of sub menus but didn't want javascript drop down menus or anything on the site, so I basically made it work so that the main links are along the top and when you clicked on one the sub menus appeared on the left. A little hectic, I'll admit, but they enjoyed it. All I did was piece the layout together, all the rest of the HTML coding and all of the content was done by my friend. I haven't had anything to do with it since it was uploaded, though there's certainly some aspects of it I never had a chance to fix; chopping up all those overly large images, for a start. Oh well.