The Living Embodiment of Sex Appeal

Status: Discontinued.
     v1.0 completion - 12.1.00
     v2.0 completion - 8.2.01

What was going to be my next big scary project before I decided to design BEANS, LEoSA was intended to serve as nothing more than eye candy -- your cliche' teenage fangirl site of doom where I'd giggle and swoon about every hot man
I was currently carrying a torch for years ago. Content was going to be your run-of-the-mill biographies, filmography, and promotional images, all stained in lots of sickeningly girlish squealing and hotness and so on and so forth. Unfortunately (or perhaps, luckily,) it hardly got past the design stage before I completely lost interest.

This is the second version of design that LEoSA went through in the early planning stages. The first layout was just bad -- which I'm not even going to bother putting up -- although of course back then I thought it was the absolute best thing I'd ever designed. I think it was my sister that eventually sat me down eventually and told me the hard truth:

Naive Child: "My site is so pretty! Look, sister, look!"

Sister: "That's ugly."

Naive Child: "Oh. Okay then."

So after a helpful nudge from my sister in the right direction, I came up with this somewhat more sleeker layout which I still kind of like, albeit still a little old and rough. The cropping needs a lot of work, the brightness and contrast need tending to in the images, and the title is bulky, loud, and has some placement issues. Aforementioned, it didn't managed to reach the coding stage, but there would have been some image mapping and rollovers for the links along the top and bottom. More than likely this will never be touched upon again. Ashes to ashes, and all that. . .