Jenny's World Tour '04

Status: Online.
     v1.0 completion - 5.9.04

From May to June of 2004, I went on a thirty-five day tour of Europe. Not wanting to spend so much needless time writing to all
the people back at home, this blog served as my genius idea of how to send letters home to everyone and be able to have everyone write to me at any time they wanted without having to reply back and forth individually. Jenny, the title individual in question, is one of my best friends that couldn't come along on the tour, so we took the most flattering picture we could find of her -- *cough cough* *Jenny shoots eye lasers at them* -- then stuck it to a popsicle stick and brought it with us so we could take pictures with her everywhere we went. I meant to make a site when I got home with all the Jenny-photos we took, but it just never happened.

This was literally done the day before we left, a quick as hell last minute design in which I believe that we went over and above abusing the color purple. I like the top though -- it was a lot of editing of clipart that I never want to do again in this lifetime but the end result turned out effective. I was in a rush and there's some unresolved image compression issues which someday if I'm feeling bored but motivated I'll try to fix.

Nothing fancy as far as coding this time. Tables, iframes, CSS, all the basic hoo ha. Add in some blogger tags and you got yourself a par-tay~ This gave me my first chance to take advantage of Blogger's new posting via email concept they'd just recently introduced at that time, which is how all my friends and family were able to post letters and replies directly on the site.