Fangirl [another blog ...]

Status: Online.
     v1.0 completion - 12.9.03
     v2.0 completion - 7.28.04
     v3.0 completion - 7.2.05

My blog, where the world at large can feel free to read the daily whoozits and whatzits of my rather uneventful life. It was basically the result from being bored late one night, high on too much chocolate, and left buzzing with endless amounts of creative energy with no outlet -- five hours later at seven o'clock in the morning there we were, all blog happy.

Version 1.0: "Wake Up to Yaoi"
The first blog template -- I'd been trying to find some shameless excuse to use one of many wonderful manlove images I had piling up in my folders and what better shameless excuse than this? A pretty simple one-night design, I was going for something fun and cute. I spent most of the time editing out a horrible crease across the middle of the image from when it was scanned, and the rest of my time fooling around with Photoshop filters on the banner, which I ended up using for the color scheme for the rest of the layout. I enjoy the yellow-blue combo to a copious extent, and defaulted to black for the filler color simply because black really is the all-wonderful designing color for everything and anything. My first experiment with Photoshop brushes, as well as CSS for scrollbar color. (I never knew you could do that -- the Macintosh doesn't support them. So while all the prancing PC poofs get pretty colors, Mac's are stuck with the same old distracting default ones. Blah.) Built in standard tables.

Version 2.0: "Little Sandblaster"
The big revamp, the combination of becoming bored with the old template and feeling particularly fangirly over the lovable Gaara from Naruto. This is the first of three Naruto character themes I intended to make. I had an entirely different banner prepared during the production stage but was forced to change it because the Photoshop brushes I'd used for it didn't JPEG compress well and looked like ugly blotches when viewed on the web. I realize the color is especially bright on some monitors to the point of burning out your corneas, but it's a good pain. Really. Pieced together in four bloody nested tables which took a long time and ended up being a complete WHORE to code. Once again I got to exercise my awesome power of CSS scrollbars that everyone who isn't me can see and enjoy. A plague on you all.

Version 3.0: "Reanimated"
Felt it was time for another change. Originally, I planned to splotlight Orochimaru from Naruto, but I couldn't get the fan art images I wanted to use,
so naturally I went with my other newest obsession at the time, the pimp-daddy cyborg, General Grievous, from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. I opted to abandon the usual long, scrolling page in favor of a more stationary layout, and a green color scheme because, hey, green is awesome. I really enjoy the way it turned out. Particularly, I enjoy MY AMAZINGLY AWESOME POP UP MENU NAVIGATION! It's pretty slick, despite the nasty fact that the menu code took longer to get working than the time it took to design and code the rest of the site together. Grueling navigation woes aside, the site itself a really simple job to code -- built with a couple tables, an iframe, the usual bits of CSS hoo ha. Probably my favorite blog layout so far to date.

All versions are obviously also built to code with blogger tags. And speaking of which, I'd like to take this time to rant that blogger tags are the most complicated pieces of coding mess that I've ever had to endure. It took twice as long to get the first version of the final site up and functioning properly than it did to design, and it really shouldn't have, the frustration only intensified tenfold since Blogger's tutorials conveniently skip over all remotely important information you need regarding the formatting of said tags when you're using a homemade template. *Twitch* In any case, I prevailed, and so here we are, blog friendly and sunshine and happy chocolate. Let's see how long I actually keep writing in it until the novelty wears thin.