Beans Et Cetera . COM

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     v1.0 completion - 5.31.03
     v2.0 completion - 12.8.04

Hello, you're here! Obviously, this site, Beans Et Cetera . COM, is my domain site and link to the rest of my websites. Other than updating occasionally after I've designed one or two new projects, nothing much happens here -- in fact, for the first year after I purchased the domain name, this was nothing more than a white page with a bold title and list of links underneath it. Eventually I figured, however, that since technically it is the starting point, that point in question should probably not look like I salvaged it from some dingy, online scrap pile.

Version 1.0:
In truth, the main motivation I had for creating the first actual layout for it at all was my Communication Technology class back in High School.
Designing a site was going to give me some easy marks for a project I was working on, so it provided a convenient excuse to stop being a lump and do something with my domain. I still enjoy the color scheme, as hard on the eyes as it was some times when you were reading. It had lots of other problems though, among them having far too may pop-up windows; as well as that this was back before I knew some of the slicker tricks with table coding so the corner image never aligned with the page correctly, and that got in the way of the javascript rollover image that appeared in the center. Meh. Spilt milk. It was quick and it was simple, but for the time being it was better than what had been there previously. You can view an HTML version here.

Version 2.0:
The result of me actually getting off my lazy ass and finally putting some time and effort into my poor, neglected domain.
Version two went through several different rough drafts over the course of a year, all completely different; it was king of just a side project I tinkered with on and off again when I was bored -- and coincidentally enough, the final idea for this new design also came from a project I did for my Communication Technology class, but the following year. I know people usually shy away from primarily white-based layouts, but I wanted something "clean" looking, and the white just worked. The former "computer carnage" theme was carried over to this second version, but I opted a color change for the mercy sake of readers, and most importantly, purged the multiple pop-up windows in favor of everybody's favorite iframe. Built in tables with CSS and lots of fun javascript rollovers. Whooooooop.