Status: Online; currently on hiatus.
     v1.0 completion - 9.30.01
     v2.0 completion - 4.13.02

Originally my main focal site as well as the namesake for which the Beans Et Cetera domain name was originally spawned.
It began as a place to post my infamous stickmen comics that everyone seemed to enjoy to a disturbing extent, but eventually grew to become a personal site used to also house my art, writings, ramblings, and any other mindless froof I wished to publicize for the world to see. Unfortunately, for a long time the site has sat un-updated and neglected due to both my laziness and current lack of interest, although I still plan on some day revamping it and getting the insanity spinning once more.

The layout of BEANS actually went through two versions, but the first one was very simplistic and truthfully wasn't even designed by myself. I opted to start work on my own version and decided that in order to keep with the comic content I wanted to keep everything looking very freehand -- restricting colors to black, white, and gray and pencil images. Even the headers and menu links are actually hand-drawn and scanned in, so please refrain from going on an insane search of the web looking for them and making yourself look like an idiot.

Being only the second website I'd ever made, it was my first exercise in building in both tables and iframes. I'm completely aware how much the tacky scrollbar completely interrupts the layout, and whenever I manage to get back to it I'll sub in some CSS or DHTML. A javascript random link generator was maliciously stolen and used for the "Box of Unimaginable Surprise" in the bottom corner.