Domain: Name

What's in a name? Why choose something like Beans Et Cetera for a domain? What the hell does that even mean?

*Scrutinizing looks*

Admittedly one of the more obscure domain names I've yet to see around, despite most people's first conclusions that the web mistress was doing crack and strung words together at random, I was not on crack, and the warped title actually does have a chain of events and reason behind it. "Beans" in fact is not in reference to any type of the food sort, it's a nickname that my friends plastered to my head some where way back down the line in school; a shortened and radioactively mutated version of my real name, Brenna. At that time, I began using it as my online alias on the web as well. This was followed later in school when I began drawing these strange, little stickmen comics that eventually spawned and got completely out of hand in an obsessive sort of way but during that time were affectionately coined the "Beans People" by friends and family. So then that was followed up with the eventual creation of one of my first websites where I hosted these aforementioned stickmen comics, as well as any other personal work I'd done, and so the site was titled Beans for a lack of a better name, but ended up being a large part of my life for a good year.

SO. . .

Since the Beans site was my main and foremost project online, when I finally decided to buy my own web space and domain name I decided to credit that because in a sense, every other site I made was kind of an extension in some way of it. There was the domain. . .and that domain consisted of the main Beans site. . .and then just plus everything else. So it's Beans. . .et cetera. . .

Beans Et Cetera . COM

*Ba dump bum, ching!*