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If you have any comments, flames, suggestions, questions, observations, submissions, charitable donations, homework, parking tickets, doctors notes, flying buttresses, walking buttresses, pink slips, satin slips, mail bombs, conspiracy theories, moral conflicts, lunch reservations, hostage negotiations, world domination preparations, or chocolate of any kind. . .drop me a line:

I tend to check my email on a regular basis, however, times do occur that, for various reasons, I'll happen to be isolated from any computer activity of any kind. So if you email me and don't receive a response within a day or so, please be patient. All emails I receive are replied to as quickly as possible.

Or. . .

MSN Messenger:
However, please do not send any comments or other messages to this address -- I don't use this one for email. It's just the address I use to log in and I don't check it on a regular basis.